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PROGRAMM | Graphic Realities: Comics as Documentary, History, and Journalism


Day 1, 22 February 2018
12.00-12.30Welcome Address
12.30-13.30Wibke Weber (Winterthur, CH)
Understanding Comics Journalism: Research Perspectives on a Journalistic Genre
13.45-15.30PANEL SESSION 1
Felipe Muanis (Juiz de Fora, BRA)
Reading News from Sequential Art: Brazilian Newspapers Editing Journalism through Comics
Sigrid Thomsen (London, UK)
Portraying the Constrained Love of Others in ‘Love Story à l’Iranienne’
 Augusto Paim (Weimar, GER)
On the Characteristics of Sketchbooks as a Journalistic Tool
15.30-16.00Coffee Break
16.00-17.00Dirk Vanderbeke (Jena, GER)

History and Journalism in the History of Graphic Information

17.15-19.00PANEL SESSION 2
Francisco Sáez de Adana (Alcalá de Henares, ESP)

The Sino-Japanese War in ‘Terry and the Pirates’

Amrita Singh (New Delhi, IND)

Of Superheroes in Ordinary Clothing: Reinventing Biography, History and the Comic Form in ‘A Gardener in the Wasteland’

Christine Gundermann (Cologne, GER)

The Graphic Anne: Anne Frank as Trans-Media and Trans-National Lieu de Mémoire

20.00Conference Dinner
Day 2, 23 February 2018
9.00-10.00Nina Mickwitz (London, UK)

‘True Story’: Documentary Claims in Comics Form

10.15-12.00PANEL SESSION 3
Jakob F. Dittmar/Ofer Ashkenazi (Malmö, SWE/Jerusalem, ISR)

Documentary Comics as Secondary Sources for Academic/Scientific Research

Dieter Declercq (Kent, UK)
Two Styles to Tell the Truth. The Satire and Comics Journalism of Matt Bors
Joanna Rostek (Giessen, GER)

Documenting the Experience of Polish Labour Migrants in the UK: Agata Wawryniuk’s ‘Rozmówki polsko-angielskie’ (2012/2016)

12.00-13.15Lunch Break
13.15-14.15Jörn Ahrens (Giessen, GER)

Why Documenting? The Quest for the Limits of Indexicality

14.30-16.15PANEL SESSION 4
Chiao-I Tsen (Bremen, GER)
Merging Fact and Fiction: Graphic War Narratives, Persuasion and Narrative Immersion
Lukas R.A. Wilde (Tuebingen, GER)
Non-Fictional Comics as Historical Reenactment: Pictorial Representations of 9/11 beyond the Index
Philip Smith (Nassau, BHS)
Horst Rosenthal’s Holocaust Testimony
16.30-18.00Meeting of the Comics Studies Working Group

Anmeldungen zur Tagung sind bis spätestens zum 10.02.2018 hier möglich.

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