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PROGRAMM: Comics | Games – Aesthetic, Ludic, and Narrative Strategies

Venue: Convention Center Schloss Herrenhausen

Time: Monday, 5 November 2018, to Wednesday, 7 November 2018

MONDAY, 5 November 2018

13.30       Registration
14.00       Welcome and Opening Address

14.30       Panel I: Franchises

Chair: Daniel Stein (University of Siegen)

Dan Hassler-Forest (University of Utrecht): Gaming the System: Comic Book Narratives and Gamer Culture in Transmedia Franchising

Robert Alan Brookey (Ball State University): All Your Base Are Belong to Disney: Superheroes, Franchises, and the Synergy of Media Conglomerates

Dominik Mieth (Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences Munich): The Art of Re-Creation – Intertextuality as Narrative Strategy

16.30       Coffee Break

17.00   Panel II: Manga/Media Mix

Chair: Jan-Noël Thon (University of Nottingham)

Jaqueline Berndt (University of Stockholm): On the ‘Gamification’ of Reading Manga

Selen Çalık Bedir (Kyoto Seika University): Playing Games and Their Likes: Addressing Media Specificity through “Gamelikeness”

Joleen Blom (IT University Copenhagen): The Manifestations of Characters in Games and Manga in the Media Mix

19.00       Dinner

TUESDAY, 6 November 2018

9.00       Panel III: Adaptation (1)

Chair: Andreas Rauscher (University of Siegen)

William Uricchio (MIT/Utrecht University): When Rules Collide: Coherence and Constraint in Comic Book-Based Games

James Fleury (UC Los Angeles): The Road to Arkham: Batman: Dark Tomorrow and Transitional Transmedia

Simon Born (Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz/University of Siegen): The Many Lives of Batman: Intertextuality in the Game Adaptations of the Dark Knight

11.00       Coffee Break

11.30   Panel IV: Adaptation (2)

Chair: Véronique Sina (University of Cologne)

Derek A. Burrill (UC Riverside): The Pain Makes You Different: Affect, Ideology and Masculinity in XIII

Carman Ng (University of Bremen): Interfacing Comics and Games: A Socio-Affective Multimodal Approach

Claudius Stemmler (University of Siegen): A Comparison between the Video Game Metal Gear Solid and its Comic Adaptation

13.30       Lunch Break

14.30    Panel V: Hybridity

Chair: Benjamin Beil (University of Cologne)

Hans-Joachim Backe (IT University of Copenhagen): Comic-Games and Game-Comics: Towards an Understanding of Hybrid Forms

Daniel Merlin Goodbrey (University of Hertfordshire): Game Comics: Theory and Design

Joshua Boggs (Melbourne, Australia): Designing Framed

16.30       Coffee Break

17.00    Panel VI: Playfulness

Chair: Stephan Packard (University of Cologne)

Kieron M. Brown (University of Siegen): Playful Comics

Nina Heindl (University of Cologne): “To Induce an Agreeable Tone of Recreation in Youth of Both Sexes”: The Relationship Between Comics and Games in Chris Ware’s Works

Tim Glaser (HBK Braunschweig): Homestuck as a Game: Analysis of a Webcomic between Playful Participation and Irritating Inventory Systems

19.00       Dinner

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

09.00       Mentoring Sessions

11.00       Coffee Break

11.30       Panel VII: Infrastructures

Chair: Lukas Wilde (University of Tübingen)

Nicolas Labarre (Université Bordeaux Montaigne): A Sudden Discovery: Early Mutual Representations (1981–1983)

Marc Steinberg (Concordia University): Delivering Media Franchises: The Convenience Store as Media Mix Hub

Stephanie Boluk/Patrick LeMieux (UC Davis): Clicks, Coins, and Cookies: The Serial Horror of Idle Games

13.30       Lunch Break

14.30       Panel VIII: Convergence

Chair: Judith Ackermann (FH Potsdam)

Susana Tosca (Roskilde University): Only One Hour of Videogames per Day: Gin Tama´s Transmedial Transgressions

Josefa Much (University Magdeburg): Creating Lara Croft: The Meaning of the Comic Books for Transmedia-Storytelling

Mia Consalvo (Montreal): Creating Game-Related Comics and Art on Twitch: The Procedurality of Live Streaming Creative Activities

16.30       Coffee Break

17.00       Concluding Plenary Discussion on Future Collaborations

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