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Graphic Realities: Comics as Documentary, History, and Journalism

Hrsg. v. Schlichting, Laura / Schmid, Johannes C.P.

Im interdisziplinärem Comicforschungs-Journal ImageTexT ist im Sommer 2019 eine special issue 11.1 der AG Comicforschung zu dem Schwerpunktthema “Graphic Realities: Comics as Documentary, History, and Journalism” erschienen, die von Laura Schlichting und Johannes C.P. Schmid herausgegeben worden ist. Die special issue ist komplett online verfügbar und geht auf die gleichnamige Kooperationstagung vom Februar 2018 in Gießen zurück.

Zur special issue ImageTexT 11.1

cover11_1_kleinAus der Einleitung der Herausgeber_innen:
„While comics have traditionally been associated with fictional, especially funny and/or fantastic stories, they have in recent decades become a major vehicle for non-fiction, as well. In particular, graphic memoir or autobiography constitutes a popular genre and has received widespread scholarly attention. As an especially personal and subjective form, drawing comics appears particularly suited to represent one’s own life and experiences. However, with the pioneering work of Joe Sacco, comics has also been fruitfully employed to materialize the experiences of others, often from marginalized groups. Yet, as this special issue shows, graphic narrative forms a long-standing tradition of addressing ‘realities’ that precedes the current format of the graphic reportage. Comics have been analyzed and theorized as works of documentary, history, and journalism. These forms of graphic non-fiction have been discussed especially with regard to the graphic narrative book, but also as contributions to serial news publications, and as webcomics. […] The articles collected here address a variety of issues concerning both theories and practices of graphic non-fiction, discussing the history of the form, as well as particular examples of its culturally-situated employment. What all articles have in common is their interest in the capacity of graphic narrative to represent realities as well as the possibilities and limitations that this endeavor entails.

Table of Contents:

Introduction to “Graphic Realities: Comics as Documentary, History, and Journalism”
by Laura Schlichting and Johannes C. P. Schmid

Graphic Narratives as Non-Fiction in the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Era
by Dirk Vanderbeke

“True Story”: The Aesthetic Balancing Acts of Documentary Comics
by Nina Mickwitz

Drawing Truth Differently. Matt Bors’ Fictional Satire and Non-Fictional Journalism
by Dieter Declercq

9/11, Comics, and the Threatened Orders of Pictorial Media: Non-Fictional Comics as Historical Re-Enactment
by Lukas R.A. Wilde

Comics Journalism and Animated Documentary: Understanding the Balance Between Fact and Fiction
by Wibke Weber and Hans-Martin Rall

Blending Fact and Fiction in Graphic War Narratives: A Diachronic Analysis of Argentine Falklands War Comics
by Chiao-I Tseng and Tilmann Altenberg

Comics as Historiography
by Ofer Ashkenazi and Jakob Dittmar

Joe Sacco and the Quest for Documentation in Comics
by Jörn Ahrens

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